Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We ALMOST made it!!!!!

At 2:25pm on December 21st, I got the call..The call I've been expecting every day this school year but never got. It was the teacher leader from Landen's school. Landen was having a meltdown. I didn't get all the details til we were on our way home. But, he missed out on his Christmas Party :-( When I got to the school, he was in the boring room. I went in to talk to him. He was sobbing on the floor, under the desk. I ask him what happened and he tells me that So and so and so and so always get him in trouble. He then tells me that he won't leave until he gets to take home the stuff from the party. I go to his class to talk to his teacher. She is super upset that he had a meltdown and didn't get to participate in the party. We talked about what happened and the kids involved.
It was a pretty messed up day and you know how he thrives on routine..There was no routine..Actually, the entire week was messed up with his teacher being gone on Tuesday and then a snow day on Thursday and finishing up with a party on Friday. Apparently he overheard someone talking about him to a fellow classmate so he spoke up to that child..Said child told Landen to be quiet, no one was talking to him. He got mad and said well, you're talking about me so I can talk to you..she said no, you can't so Landen proceeded to push her..Another classmate tried to stop Landen from pushing her and then Landen turned on him. This is all happening during a 6th grade/staff volleyball game, by the way..A teacher steps in and separates Landen from this other child..Landen gets angry and leaves the gym, proceeds to go to his classroom and completely destroys it..He flipped all the desks and tables in the room and tore stuff off the wall. He hasn't had an outburst that bad in a very long time.
But, it was the last day before break so we ended with positive thoughts and will be moving on come the new year at school. It sucked that it had to happen and that he had to miss out on something fun because two kids know how to push his buttons and he hasn't learned the coping skills to deal with it..

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