Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The week in review

This past week was crazy. I had no time to do much it seemed. Monday was Landen's first day back at school. Monday afternoon we had an appointment with a new psychiatrist. Tuesday, second day back, not a very good day for him and I had a different appointment with a neuropsychologist. Wednesday, we had a therapy appointment in the morning, then I took him to school, even worse day and that afternoon; parent teacher conferences. Thursday, there was no school and I had a therapy appointment for my daughter.
He doesn't want to be at school. He wants to be back at partial. He doesn't want to do school because he says it stupid. But he's not listening to directions in order to do the assignments. Wednesday afternoon, I had parent teacher conferences. It went really well, actually, for him not being there for 3 weeks. Also in my conference was the school's principle, counselor and psychologist. We talked about what we thought would work for Landen. We want to praise him for the good things and make him want to be there.
I'm going to back track..Sorry, this is my brain these days..Tuesday afternoon, I had an appointment with a neuropsychologist to start testing for an IEP. She was super nice and we talked about a lot of things that I've been wondering about that she brought up in conversation just listening to me talk about Landen. It'll be interesting to see what happens with the testing.
Needless to say, my head is spinning after the week I've had.. Here's to hoping next week is better, or at least slows down some!
image borrowed from www.familiesonlinemagazine.com

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We survived!!!

The first day back at school was a success!!! It was slow going at first but we finally made it to school. He told me he wasn't going to go to class. I told him that we just needed to get to school. So we got to school and we went inside to talk to the school psychologist. After talking with her for a few minutes, the counselor came over and we asked him about going upstairs to his class. He said he wanted me to come with him, so  I did. Once we got upstairs his teacher seen us coming and came up and gave him a great big hug and told him that she had missed him and she was glad that he was back. The class was at Spanish so it was just us in the classroom. I'm very thankful for that! It gave us time to talk and for him to get comfortable again. She went over a behavior chart for him and talked to him about the rewards that he could earn from having good behavior. He decided on some rewards and she told him that it was time for her to go get the class. He sat down at his desk and took out his math book. I said my goodbyes and we left. I didn't get a a phone call at all and when I picked him up early for his new psych appointment, he was all smiles! He had a great day!!! We are looking forward to Tuesday. That, he told me is P.E. day!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

We're going back, back to school today!

And let me tell ya, Landen is less than thrilled about it. He has burst into tears twice this morning about it and on and off all day yesterday about going to school. He doesn't want to to. He wants to go to partial. He feels comfortable there. He doesn't feel comfortable at school. I feel so bad for the poor kid. I know he must be anxious. I'm just praying that I can get him up and going, it'll be easier once we actually get up and motivated.. I've already told him that we are staying until he is settled and that I'm picking him up early but it doesn't seem to matter. Let see if I can calm him enough to outweigh his fear..

Friday, March 9, 2012

D-Day is coming soon, Monday to be exact..

I had another care meeting with the psychiatrist at partial today. Landen is doing very well. His moods seem to be regulated better and he isn't has unstable. He's become a "model student" at partial (surprising, I know). His Tegretol levels are 9, which is great. So, we start talking about discharging him (D-day) from partial. We both decided that since he has such issues with transitioning that half day school/half day partial wouldn't be beneficial to him. She also suggested that starting back on a Friday can be beneficial because its only one day before the weekend, then back on Monday. So we agreed that he would start school tomorrow, on Friday. We bring him into the room, talk to him about how he's doing and talk to him about school. He instantly loses it. He doesn't want to go back to school, he wants to stay at partial. He leaves the room and is having a royal tantrum outside of the room..Kind of ironic that we were just talking about how good he has been doing..
The doctor says that what he is feeling is normal. He's scared and anxious, he hasn't been at school in 3 whole weeks. He feels comfortable at partial. When talking with him before he left the room, he asked "What if I get mad again at school? Then what?" We talked to him about the new techniques he has learned while in partial to handle his anger. He responds with, "But its different at school."
I totally understand. I'm comfortable with him at partial too. I don't worry about him having outbursts and being punished for his behavior that he cannot control. I've got a big ball of anxiety about him going back to school also. I leave partial with lots of anxiety and I'm in tears because he's not doing well. Am I doing the right thing? Should I wait another day? Should I do partial days at both places? I just don't know.
I get to work and I have to make a couple of phone calls. First is to Landen's school. I talk with the principle to tell her that Landen will be coming back to school on Friday. She tells me that his teacher is gone for a death in her family so there will be a sub on Friday. Instantly, I knew that it would not be a good idea for him to go back for the first day with a sub. So I called partial back and talked to them about it, as he was still having a meltdown about leaving. The doctor agreed with me about not starting on Friday. We want as little changes as possible for him. So he will start back to school on Monday.
He eventually got over and if you ask him now, he had a wonderful day! He's excited to go back to school on  Monday and I'm happy for him as well. Of course, I'm nervous as I am sure that he is too.
Once we leave partial, it isn't all back to "normal". There are more appointments with other doctors that we need to make and to go to to continue his care. I'm working on getting him an IEP. I think that he will only benefit from it, not only if he has bipolar issues again but for some other issues going on as well.
We are getting back on a track that isn't so full of turmoil and I'm happy about that, yet I can't help but think, 'how long is this going to last?" I just need to enjoy it while I can.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Away with the new and back to the old

So the doctor decided to take him off of the Abilify and put him back onto the Risperdal and upped his Tegretol. So we are on the same medications that we were on when we went to the partial program and now have added more of the Bipolar medication. So far we haven't had a bad weekend. Nothing too bad. Maybe, just maybe, this was the adjustment that needed to be made. We will see how the next few days of partial go and take it from there..
Here's to hoping..

Thursday, March 1, 2012

When the therapists feel bad for your kid, what comes next?

So this morning Landen had a full cycle of emotions..We went from snuggling to him being pissed off about going to partial, calling himself dumb and then getting all pissed off again because the Playstation network was down this morning. Then he was in tears sobbing..Just like that (insert finger snap) he rolled over off the floor and asked me a question like nothing had been going on..This all happened before 8am..
We go to partial and he is fine when I drop him off. My mom has been picking him up for me so I don't have to leave work a half hour early since I'm a half hour late getting there everyday..
I got a call from the partial nurse and the doctor wants blood work done tomorrow morning (insert motherly  sigh). So, the fun begins, nothing to eat or drink after midnight. That should be fun! They are checking his CBC, Tegretol levels, Thyroid levels and doing a Fasting Lipids test.
The doctor also wants to ween him off of his Abilify and back onto the Risperdal. He's not doing well on it..Mood swings like crazy and a big ball of emotions..
When my mom went to pick him up today, they told her that they feel so bad for him because his moods are all over the place. They said he has all different emotions all day long and has no control over any of them.
Nice..So what do you do when the therapists feel bad for your kid? I don't know..We haven't gotten that far..
So we are going back to square one..Back to where we started..And I guess we will start over and go from there..Lets see where this takes us the second time..